Didymus Meatmasters is currently one of the biggest Meatmaster stud in South Africa and are proud to hold some of the top stud rams in the industry.

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About Didymus

Outstanding Meatmaster Genetics




Breeding with only the best from the start, complete peace of mind in outstanding Meatmaster genetics.


Didymus Meatmasters consists of 3 main farming units. Rietpan Farm is a small farming unit where we breed with approximately 2 000 ewes intensively. This facility enables us to observe our Meatmaster sheep very scientifically in a controlled environment, making the selection for the most fertile animals with the best growth and reproduction only a pleasure.


As we are currently building our herd to 15 500 ewes, the offspring from our Rietpan Farm will form the basis for our Mooilaagte and Schaapplaats units, where we farm extensively on an intensive grazing system in combination with cattle.


At Didymus Meatmasters we guarantee:


• Only truly trialed and tested animals will always be on offer to buy

• We will never offer any animal for sale which we will not buy ourselves

• All our animals are 100% guaranteed to be fertile and in the best health

• We only breed with animals registered with The Meatmaster Sheep Breeders’ Society of South Africa and the South African Studbook

• Visitors are always welcome





In the nineteen nineties (1990) a group of South African farmers discovered the advantages a fat-tailed hair breed could have regarding fertility, resistance to diseases and parasites as well as surviving skills in times of drought. They also saw the divide in the world wide meat industry which could be resolved if genetic breeding and scientific resources were used to eliminate problems like fat localisation with poor distribution.


The farmers were driven to use advantages of fat-tailed hair breeds to overcome the divide between them and muscular European breeds. Fat-tailed breeds were then crossbred with muscled breeds and the first traits of the Meatmaster surfaced.


Meatmaster development is particular because the first stud was founded after the founders carefully researched the commercial demands. Performance Testing and the Hand and Eye method was combined to form the roots of this industry. The breed was registered in 2007 and the Meatmaster Breed Society shortly thereafter in 2008.

Meatmasters Elsewhere

Currently Meatmasters can mostly be found in the Western and central breeding areas of South Africa, but Meatmasters are becoming progressively popular in other agricultural areas where there is a need for high production. The resistance to diseases carried by pests such as ticks and other insects also makes Meatmasters sought after in warmer climates like the Northern Areas of South Africa.


Didymus Meatmasters is currently one of the biggest Meatmaster stud in South Africa and are proud to hold some of the top stud rams in the industry.

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Didymus Meatmasters

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